Dude, You’re Hovering
I Watched Him in the Mirror
In The Bar’s Dim Light

He looked Back at Me,
Slowly Dropped the Quarter Inch
Back to the Bar Stool

He Does Love to Talk
No So Much For All The Words
More the Flow and Tone

A Hymn Sung in Parts
All Sung By a Single Voice
Yeah. Disorienting

He Hums and Mutters
“More Re-orienting,” Lifts
His Beer, A Slow Pull

He Exhales Slowly
And I Know He Wants a Smoke
Wants but Never Needs

“What is it with you
Humans? Why So Many Rules?
Like They Replace Trust”

He was Hovering
Again, Just a Bit. Slowly
He Regained His Seat

“I mean Trust or Love
Or Comfort,” He sighed. “All That
Or Rules, Rigid, Dead”

I Couldn’t be Sure
But with That Last, His Shoulders
Drooped, His Stool Creaking

And Suddenly I Felt
His Burden, Me, All of Us,
“Breathe” he said, sighing

Though I Called For Him
I Wasn’t Sure What I Got
Not What I Hoped For

But Maybe, I guess
What I Needed, Just Maybe
“Hmmm” He Hummed and Smiled

What Did I Expect?
Miracles? Trumpets? Relief?
“Romantic,” He Snorts.

Yes. That too. Romance
“Or Like It, But More, Better,
Like Rules and Trusting.”

See? That’s What He Does.
A Few Degrees Off and It’s
Totally Different

Everything Slightly
Altered, Just a Few Degrees
And No Going Back

Call It What You Like. Still the
Same and No Less Hard

“Uh Huh, That Sounds Right”
I look. No Hover No Sink.
“Still True,” and a Shrug

What Does or Doesn’t
Matter? Hard to Predict or
Tell, Even After

Even Him, Who is He?
Is He Who I Called For? Yeah
Even Begging For?

“You bet! Yes I am.
That’s How It Works, Only What’s
Needed, What Matters.”

Oh Yeah. Makes it Mine
That Struggle, Filling in The Gaps
Better and Better.

“You Scoff if it Helps
Blow Off Steam” But don’t Waste It.
“Nope, Wasting Ain’t Good”

Sure. Find the Balance
Make the Miracle. Accept It.
“Dude, You’re Hovering”

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