January 31, 2016
A quiet little milestone on the 20th. The 365th haiku. A year’s worth of days spread out over seven years. This started as a project, a year long project. Now, I wouldn’t know how to be without this space. I’ve begun to think in haiku. So the cycle continues, the seasons roll on in 17 syllables. Shanti. Shanti. and Shanti.

April 10, 2015
Going on seven years. Many new discoveries, new experiences, and even a few slowly dawning realizations. A few friends and family lost, for now. Turbulence, noise, but also silence and calm. And still, through it all, this clarifying lens of 17 syllables, like some kind of spiritual blood carrying oxygen to my breathing soul.

Jan 9, 2013
It seems possible that this fifth year will bring the 365th post, aligned somehow to a full year’s worth of days. I doubt I have a post for every day and probably have multiple posts for others. That feels right, or at least o.k. to be filling in small bits at a time, letting the picture of a whole year emerge as a mosaic of days. And, I guess, one should never be done noticing….

Mar 1, 2012
It doesn’t seem possible that I’m going into the fourth year with this. It’s become a foundation for my sense of myself in the world. I get jumpy if I don’t post for too long. Sounds like an addiction and perhaps it is. Usually think of addictions as having a down side, but don’t see that here. Thanks to all who follow and have provided encouraging words.

Jan 8, 2010
Wow. That went zipping by. I’ve grown accustom to having this space whispering for my attention. “A year in haiku” seems to suggest a single year, but I’m not ready to stop. Perhaps the title is more of a category than a limitation.

Jan 4, 2009
I write to make sense of the world around me. Big events have ended up in manuscripts for novels; the more immediate and contained epiphanies of living, in poetry.

A Year of Haiku is a writing project I’ve embarked on to try and bring myself more present to the details of my life as it is. I won’t be posting every day, rather when the present moment draws me in. Why “A Year?” It’s something about the cycle of seasons that a year represents. We’ll see what there is in a year!

– Byron Glick

2 Responses to “About”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Hi, Byron. I checked in here after several people found me on your list of Kindred Spirits. Thank you for that generosity. What are you up to these days?

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