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Great Uncle Harry’s History

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Watching Farms and Fields,
Forests and Sky Passing By
Whispering Meaning

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Past Peak, Crumbled Leaves
Blow Across Brown Grass Mirroring
All We’ve Lost or Held.

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Stumps Line the Hillsides
Like Tombstones of the Ancient Trees
We Refuse to Mourn.

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This Loss Drenched Summer
Still Holds Flickering Hope, If
We Choose to Notice

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I hear the voices
On a summer’s evening
Of those who’ve left us

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How the Best Justice
Recalls Sorrow, a Balance
Regained but not Love

Davi Dohm 1975-2011

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A Death in Springtime
Un-summoned and Whispering
Too Soon… Too soon…

Chasing Comets with Davi – 2013

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Blue Night Laid Across
The Frozen Fields Like a Shroud
In Rising Silence

Doris Glick 1923-2010

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An Autumn Sunset
Shines Like Flames in the Tree Tops
Above Fallen Leaves

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Eighty two and gone
My uncle lived a full life
And yet… and yet…