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All That History,
Love and Loss, in Daily Bread
And Sunday Dinners

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Five A.M. Baking,
Bread and Rolls, Like my Father
When I Was a Boy

The House is Asleep,
Now as Then, The Dreams Scented
With Warm Cinnamon

The Kitchen is Ruled
By Wooden Spoons and Wire Wisks
And Long Memory

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At the End of That
Long, Softly Lit Hallway, A
Tall Westward Window

Dawn, Painted Across
The Skies and Trees and Fields
In Blues and Coral

Our Worlds, Separate
Yet Together, Start Again
And I Breathe Deeply

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A Rose is Blooming
In My Mother’s Garden of
Beloved Children

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Brighter and Brighter
As Time Burns Away
The Dross of Memory, You Shine
Brighter and Brighter

Great Uncle Harry’s History

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Watching Farms and Fields,
Forests and Sky Passing By
Whispering Meaning

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With Fall’s First Apples
I Think of My Dad, a Fine
Country Professor

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Let Others Count in
Years. I Prefer Bouquets of
Ageless Memories.

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Every Autumn I
Sent Mom a bright leaf. Now She
Rises On Their Hues

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Memories Rise on
A Ripe Avocado’s Scent.
Florida, Lunch, and Mom