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Another Winter’s Dawn
Drawn in Symphonies of Gray
And Played in Silence

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Cloudy and Colder
The Day Settles in Like a
Bad Weather Forecast

No Fog to Soften
Tattered Winter Edges or
Curbside Frozen Trash

But Night Falls, Clouds Clear,
Full Moon Lights the Lake. A Passing
Fox Pauses to Watch

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From Every Street Lamp
A Drifting Winter Fog Pulls
A Pale Cone of Light

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A Morning Fog Floats,
Quiet as a Silent Prayer,
Into the Tree Tops

A Fog That Softens
All Sight and Sound and Maybe
All We Think We Know

Snowflakes Drifting Down,
Gently as Forgiveness, to
Shroud Every Sharp Edge.

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Morning Mist, No Breeze,
The Sound of a Leaf Falling,
Cries of Unseen Geese