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To Three Cats, Three plates
Chime Supper On the Tile Floor
And They Come Running

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With Fall’s First Apples
I Think of My Dad, a Fine
Country Professor

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Memories Rise on
A Ripe Avocado’s Scent.
Florida, Lunch, and Mom

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Knife Knock Knock Knocking
Cutting Board, Bananas Sliced to
Full Moons for Pancakes

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Brown Bread and Thick Stew
I Was a Happy Peasant
In a Previous Life

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At Eldorado
A cool glass of warm sunshine
Blooms desert beauty

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Winter blue skies so
Cold ice shivers. Coffee house
Hum and scent. Perfect.

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Buttered Perfection
At Eldorado
Circling Buttered Perfection
On Sunday Morning

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Sunday brunch circles
Butter centered on pancakes
At Eldorado

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Crops fill the valleys
Horizon to horizon
Just South of Lodi