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When Spring Meets Winter
They Kiss, In Colors, In Light,
And Melting Water

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Now The Physicists
See Gravitational Waves
In Smallest Measures

But I’d Already Felt
Our Waves, Yours and Mine, Echoed
Between and Beyond

Our Own Gravity
Space, and Time Gently Pulling
Our Worlds Close Together

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Flung Forward By Time,
Willed Life Shattering Into
A Kind of Foundling

It Seems Impossible.
This is Real And That Is Not,
Then Followed By Now

Before and After,
Always Together, Always
Apart, And That Line.

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Grass and Trees and Trails
Spreading Out Like Love Under
All the Evening Sky

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Grey Hairs, Aches, Pains, And
Memories We’ll Never Share
Love’s Price Gladly Paid

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Five A.M. Baking,
Bread and Rolls, Like my Father
When I Was a Boy

The House is Asleep,
Now as Then, The Dreams Scented
With Warm Cinnamon

The Kitchen is Ruled
By Wooden Spoons and Wire Wisks
And Long Memory

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At the End of That
Long, Softly Lit Hallway, A
Tall Westward Window

Dawn, Painted Across
The Skies and Trees and Fields
In Blues and Coral

Our Worlds, Separate
Yet Together, Start Again
And I Breathe Deeply

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This Morning, Every
Day, All the Time, Like a Pulse,
Life in Thoughts of You

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Words Strung Like Jewels,
Like Paint on Time’s Canvas, Like
Touch Across Distance

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There’s Venus Rising
Above Our Neighbor’s Roofline
Just Before the Dawn

And Clouds Outlined in
Colors too Passionate to
Be Called Apricot

And You Still Abed
And Me, Driving East, Dreaming
Of Home and Day’s End