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Wind Battered Clouds Rush
Across Moonless Night Blued Skies
Stars Rest, Undisturbed

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Quarter Moon Rising,
But Still Caught in Grief’s Rip Tides,
With No Shore in Sight

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Cloudy and Colder
The Day Settles in Like a
Bad Weather Forecast

No Fog to Soften
Tattered Winter Edges or
Curbside Frozen Trash

But Night Falls, Clouds Clear,
Full Moon Lights the Lake. A Passing
Fox Pauses to Watch

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Like the Arrival
Of Joy, Spring Clouds Blue in the
Full Moon and Are Gone

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Watching the Tide Turn.
Estuaries Drain, Then Fill.
I Feel the Moon’s Tug.

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I’m trying to read
A half moon and horizon
Fogged in Apricot

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Knife Knock Knock Knocking
Cutting Board, Bananas Sliced to
Full Moons for Pancakes

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Moon and moon-lit clouds
Full and full of mystery
Like any plain truth

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Floating Crescent moon
Watches the geese migrate North
Calling up the sun

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A blue black night sky,
Translucent clouds drift slowly
Between stars and moon