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Sanded Country Roads,
Like Lost Paths in Leafless Woods,
Revealed by the Snow

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I Heard Winter’s End
In the Night’s Passing Sigh of
Tires on Rain Slicked Roads

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Thin country highways
Thrown like streamers on the hills
To mark the way home.

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My iron heart beats
To the road’s white line rhythm
Even sitting still.

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Sunday morning streets
Remembering their days as
empty country lanes

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Motorcycle sunrise
Along the white line river
Deep in the Driftless

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Farm to market roads
Trickle down to the highway
Gravel to asphalt

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Still lounging in bed
Listening to spring rain wash
Winter from the streets

Posted in Roads, Rural on February 20, 2009 by blglick

Old highways, small towns
Stop lights, store fronts, speed limits
Common mysteries