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In Memoriam, Joe DiJulio

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He Has Gone Ahead
But You Must Tarry Here for
Some Little Longer

Between Now and Then
On That Long Bridge Between Loss
And Recovery

A Heavy Heart is
Still a Sacred Vessel Filled
With Enduring Love

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Allen Miller 1918-2015

An Old Photograph,
Tattered Edges, Creased and Scratched
Faded and Fuzzy

But She’s Turned Towards You
Smiling, And Your Joy Shines Through
All the Time That’s Passed

Lighting Memories
That Float and Glow Like Fireflies
In the Late Evening

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Cloudy and Colder
The Day Settles in Like a
Bad Weather Forecast

No Fog to Soften
Tattered Winter Edges or
Curbside Frozen Trash

But Night Falls, Clouds Clear,
Full Moon Lights the Lake. A Passing
Fox Pauses to Watch

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A Morning Fog Floats,
Quiet as a Silent Prayer,
Into the Tree Tops

A Fog That Softens
All Sight and Sound and Maybe
All We Think We Know

Snowflakes Drifting Down,
Gently as Forgiveness, to
Shroud Every Sharp Edge.

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Yesterday’s Maples
Were Infused Top to Bottom
In Every Color

Today’s Lawns Hold Half
That Bounty in Pools Like an
Impressionist’s Dream

Tomorrow’s Landscape
Distills all that Hued Movement
Into Black and White

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Let Us Go, Then, You
And I, To The Prairie of
Tall Grass Taller Trees

Let Us Go Out to
Blue Sky, Floating Hawks, And All
The Swooping Swallows

Yes, Let Us Go To
Lingering Summer Sunsets And
All The Stars Beyond.

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In Deepest Winter
Even the Night Sky Freezes
Turning Slightly Blue

Touch a Match to Wood,
Light the Fire and Warm the House
Sparks Fly up the Flue

Cold White Vapor
Paints That Black Night Sky Like the
Memory of Sunlight

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Summer’s Labors End
And The Lord puts Aside His
Godly World Making

The Divine They Sees
That it Is Very Good And
Sighs a Divine Breeze

And Sings Her Delight
In Blue Skies and Bright Leaves,
Cool Nights and Warm Days

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Crossing the High Plains
I was Unprepared for the
Religious Training

Cleansed in Molten Shades
Of Summer Green, Sienna
Grass and Golden Wheat

I Was Ready
When the Mountains First Appeared
For Genuflexion

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The Short Order Cook,
On Break, Sits by a Window,
Stares, Rubbing His Jaw

Morning Sunlight Falls
In A Single Bright Shaft and
His Stained Chef’s Whites Glow

A Small Sacrament
As If This Light Had Escaped
From Some Cathedral