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Waiting for Springtime
Hoping the Tide has Turned With
Every Liquid Drop

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From Glacier, Water
Runs East, West and North. We Head
South to Yellowstone

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Outside my Office
Trees and Lake Call Me Awake
In Spring Blues And Greens

Posted in Distance, Moon, Water on September 20, 2012 by blglick

Watching the Tide Turn.
Estuaries Drain, Then Fill.
I Feel the Moon’s Tug.

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Frozen Lake Echoes
Winter Sunrise and Calling
Crows On the Wing

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A Buffalo’s Gaze,
Warming the Morning River
As Autumn Comes On

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What Is It About
Wind Riffling Open Water
That Suggests Essence

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Knowing Better, But
Still Wanting Open Water
In Early April

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Autumn’s Symmetries
With Local Skies Reflecting
The Far Horizons

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Frost on Grass and Leaves
A Pond’s Mist Quietly Cleaved
By Morning Rowboat