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Of This Golden Day
I’ll Recall the Painted Leaves
The Silk Breeze and You

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A November Sun
Paints My Street the Color of
Faded History

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Autumn’s Drama Makes
It hard to Hold That It’s Just
The Passage of Time

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Past Peak, Crumbled Leaves
Blow Across Brown Grass Mirroring
All We’ve Lost or Held.

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The Autumn Rains Fall
With a Sound like Sighing and
The End of Summer

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It was a Week of
Leaves, Blazing, Falling, Scattered
Beneath Mourning Trees

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Outside My Window
Trees Celebrate the Season
And Time’s Progression

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A Buffalo’s Gaze,
Warming the Morning River
As Autumn Comes On

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Fall’s Sudden Color
Answers the Unasked Questions
Of Summer’s Languor

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Japanese Maple
Crimson Offering on Autumn’s
Brief Golden Alter