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Snow Filled Furrows and
Bare Tree Limbs Debating Spring
With the Singing Birds

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Sun between storm clouds
Casts pockets of brittle light
Beneath tumbling birds

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April breeze chimes through
Flagpole riggings like hand bells
And songbirds answer

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Wind sweeps crows, clouds, and
Shafts of sunlight like spotlights
Across the water

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I dreamt of springtime.
As I wake, the room echoes
With song bird’s music.

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Just out my back gate
The neighborhood savors dawn
And a birds’ chorus

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Late fall’s full palate
Cardinals, jays, crows, red tailed hawks,
Cold and clear, blue skies

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Already, before
The first frost, Goldfinches have
Dimmed their bright feathers

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Apricot mists rise
From the sleeping neighborhoods
As birds sing sunrise

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Storm clouds racing East
At first light, chased by blue sky
And a bird’s chorus