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Essense of July
Essence of July
Bumblebees, butterflies, and
Long garden suppers

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In Latest July
Bumblebees, butterflies, and
October waiting

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This porch is perfect
For watching the summer wind
Dance with trees and rain.

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A flute singing out
A neighbors’ open window
Ripples down the street.

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Storm clouds racing East
At first light, chased by blue sky
And a bird’s chorus

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Trees and Crows dancing.
Rollercoastering the wind
From summer thunder storms

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Evolved Religion,
Hail Mary Full of… Mitzvahs,
Koans, Adhans, and… peace

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Going down in flames
Sometimes there ain’t no winning
In a perfect world

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A summer solstice
Wedding and all the longest
Days savoring you

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Moisture in the air
Blurs a distant horizon
Breeze like silk on skin