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Pulling Back the Drapes
I Found the Sunlight Shattering
Against All the Leaves

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Past Peak, Crumbled Leaves
Blow Across Brown Grass Mirroring
All We’ve Lost or Held.

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It was a Week of
Leaves, Blazing, Falling, Scattered
Beneath Mourning Trees

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Before the Leaves Turn
Fall Calls in the Sunlight Seen
Through a Morning Mist

Doris Glick 1923-2010

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An Autumn Sunset
Shines Like Flames in the Tree Tops
Above Fallen Leaves

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Memory colored
Like ancient precious metals
Reflects off the leaves

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Linen moon rising.
Dead leaves beneath bare tree limbs,
Spider web shadows

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Fallen leaves rising,
Red, orange, yellow, like flames
From beneath my wheels