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In Deepest Winter
Even the Night Sky Freezes
Turning Slightly Blue

Touch a Match to Wood,
Light the Fire and Warm the House
Sparks Fly up the Flue

Cold White Vapor
Paints That Black Night Sky Like the
Memory of Sunlight

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The Dust on My Boots
Is Grey and Powdery, As
If Rock Turned to Ash

All That Heat and Noise,
Thrown Out Across a Valley
Now Cooled and Stilled

Three Weeks On and Still
Those Boots Show a Memory
Of Mt. St. Helens

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Poppies Bloom Again
Roots Pushed Down Through Earth and Time
Lift Up Memories

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Brighter and Brighter
As Time Burns Away
The Dross of Memory, You Shine
Brighter and Brighter

Chasing Comets with Davi

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Two Years of Driving
This Road In My Mind With You
Tonight Actually There

Shocking Accident,
My Presence Now, And Yours Then,
At The Tree’s Scarred Base

We Both Have Gone On
But Only I Can Return
And Wonder Why…

Davi Dohm 1975-2011

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A November Sun
Paints My Street the Color of
Faded History

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Past Peak, Crumbled Leaves
Blow Across Brown Grass Mirroring
All We’ve Lost or Held.

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Let Others Count in
Years. I Prefer Bouquets of
Ageless Memories.

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I hear the voices
On a summer’s evening
Of those who’ve left us

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Old world memories
Swiss Valley, French Hill, Dutch Lane
In Eastern Iowa