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Let Us Go, Then, You
And I, To The Prairie of
Tall Grass Taller Trees

Let Us Go Out to
Blue Sky, Floating Hawks, And All
The Swooping Swallows

Yes, Let Us Go To
Lingering Summer Sunsets And
All The Stars Beyond.

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Snow Drifts Breaking Blue
Over the Cliff’s Edge As If
Distilled From Pure Sky

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On July’s Last Day
Fall’s High Horse Tail Clouds Stream South
Like an Advanced Guard

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Eight Hours of Sunset
Ends in a Gentle Landing,
Night Sky, Stars and Rest

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Autumn’s Symmetries
With Local Skies Reflecting
The Far Horizons

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Yesterday stones poked
Through the ice. Today duck butts
pointing at the sky

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White birch standing stark
Against the gemstone blue skies
Winter’s flag flown bright.

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Late fall’s full palate
Cardinals, jays, crows, red tailed hawks,
Cold and clear, blue skies

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Fading jet contrails
Whisper recent history
Across morning skies