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Fall Seemed Late This Year
But Still, Harvest’s In, Leaves Raked
Before the First Snow

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Snow Filled Furrows and
Bare Tree Limbs Debating Spring
With the Singing Birds

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Winter Sun Seen Through
An Eagle’s Spread Tail Feathers
Snow Carried Aloft

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Bare Tree Limbs, Fresh Snow
And Apricot Sunrise Paint
Old Lace on Blue Skies

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Just Before Sunrise
The Season’s First Real Snow Sounds
Like Nature’s Heartbeat

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Winter Remembered
White Crab Apple Blossoms Drift
Across the Sidewalk

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Long Curve, Snowy Road
Motorcycle Daydreaming
Leaning in My Car

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In the Winter Woods
White Birch Trees Wash Up Against
Dark Oaks Like Snow Drifts

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The Snowpack Warming
Primordial Mist Rising
Crocuses? Robins?

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Snow covered meadows
Just South of the Grand Canyon
Fringed with white birch trees