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Outside my Office
Trees and Lake Call Me Awake
In Spring Blues And Greens

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Snow Filled Furrows and
Bare Tree Limbs Debating Spring
With the Singing Birds

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A Warming Winter
Day Hints at Spring as Crow Rises
To Hawk Crying War

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Each spring, year on year,
We’re surprised and delighted
By every new bloom

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Brown Grass Peeks Through Snow
Bare Tree Limbs Etch Deep Blue Sky
Early Spring’s First Signs

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Alfalfa first cut
Perfumes the late spring morning
Redwing blackbird trills

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All Spring’s colors mute
Beneath a grey morning sky
of the coming storm

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An April sunrise
A hawk watches mists rising
From newly plowed fields.

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Sidewalks, city streets
Etched in dark relief. Spring snow
paints lawns and rooftops.

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No Snow! Well almost.
Wet, rotting brown leaves emerge
A promise of near spring