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Surviving on Gifts
Of Light and Song. Subzero
Sunrises, Dulcet Chords

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Sunshine Breaking Through
At Day’s End Casts Flannel Light
On Umber Fields

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Pulling Back the Drapes
I Found the Sunlight Shattering
Against All the Leaves

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Winter Sun Seen Through
An Eagle’s Spread Tail Feathers
Snow Carried Aloft

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A November Sun
Paints My Street the Color of
Faded History

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Worshipping sunlight
On luminous green blossoms
Two blocks from my house

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Distilling sunshine
Into Hollyhock blossoms
Through roots, stalks and leaves

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Foxglove blooms in shade
Purpled sunlight, stirred by breeze
A bee’s cathedral

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Wind sweeps crows, clouds, and
Shafts of sunlight like spotlights
Across the water

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Tree limbs sway and arch
A ballet edged in sunlight,
And rustling green leaves