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Diving Into Green.
The Happy Sighs of Trees Lift
On the Warming Breeze

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It was a Week of
Leaves, Blazing, Falling, Scattered
Beneath Mourning Trees

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Outside My Window
Trees Celebrate the Season
And Time’s Progression

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Stumps Line the Hillsides
Like Tombstones of the Ancient Trees
We Refuse to Mourn.

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Before the Leaves Turn
Fall Calls in the Sunlight Seen
Through a Morning Mist

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Along the Sidewalk
Waiting, No Expectations,
The Wisdom of Trees

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In the Winter Woods
White Birch Trees Wash Up Against
Dark Oaks Like Snow Drifts

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Between You and I
An Ambiguous Forest
A Moment of Flight

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On the green high wire
Squirrels trapeze in and out
Of sun and shadow

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Snow covered meadows
Just South of the Grand Canyon
Fringed with white birch trees