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A Night’s Rain and Wind
Polishes the Shadows Cast
By Morning Sunshine

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Winter Winds Painted
In the Drifts Trailing Fence Posts
Along the Covered Fields

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Past Peak, Crumbled Leaves
Blow Across Brown Grass Mirroring
All We’ve Lost or Held.

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Wind and Sunshine Scours
Trailing Clouds from Blue Sky and
Winter from our Hearts

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What Is It About
Wind Riffling Open Water
That Suggests Essence

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Tree limbs dance naked
In a warm breeze, alive and
Promising new life

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Wind swept field of snow
Light and shadow like the dream
That time heals all wounds

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Cold enough for all
Nature to go still, except
Wind and rising smoke.

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This porch is perfect
For watching the summer wind
Dance with trees and rain.