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One Summer Morning
Fog at the Tree Line, The Earth
Breathing, Thinking, “Fall”

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It is a Kind of
Late Summer Privilege, to Sit
With Sleepy Eyed Cats

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Along Rural Roads
Sweet Corn in Farm Stands Sings the
Songs of Late Summer

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Home From the City
To You, Through Corridors of
Bright and Wild Flowers

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Salad Dreams of Summer
Rising Scent of Red
Tomato, Fresh Sliced, Carries
All My Summer Dreams

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When Winter Won’t End
When Even the Whitest Snow
Wearies to Grey Ice

Even Then, the Melting
Reveals a Sun Warmed Rock, and
Tells Another Story

As Drifts Curve ‘Round Like
Ripples From a Pebble Dropped
In a Summer Pond

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Just After Summer
Before We Knew it was Fall
Horse Tail Clouds and Fog

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Weathered by Years, Grey
Barn Leans on a Horizon
Of Ripening Wheat

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Sun Silvered Blacktop
Cleaves High Corn Below Blue Haze
At Summer’s Far End

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Mid-August Morning
Lazy Breeze Stirs Scent of Fresh
Mowed Grass. Work? Really?!?