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Once, a Fox Would Come
Each Winter Day to Watch
The Frozen Sun Rise

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Corgis Devotion
Plus Friend that Love You Equals
One Happy Birthday

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The Sound of the Wind
Tumbling Though the Tree Tops
And The Day’s Last Light

The Rising Chorus
Of Crickets From Just Beyond
The Reach of Porch Lights

The Feathered Whisper
Overhead as Silent Geese
Head Home Through The Dark

The Earth is Breathing
In and Out as We Count Days
And Years, Bits and Bytes

The Earth is Breathing
In and Out, Inviting Us
Along, In and Out

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After the Harvest
Trees and Sunrise Stripe Bare Fields
Like Bengal Tigers

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After Days of Clouds
A Blue Sky Sunrise Warms A Fox
Along the Lakeshore

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Allen Miller 1918-2015

An Old Photograph,
Tattered Edges, Creased and Scratched
Faded and Fuzzy

But She’s Turned Towards You
Smiling, And Your Joy Shines Through
All the Time That’s Passed

Lighting Memories
That Float and Glow Like Fireflies
In the Late Evening

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Sunset Stripe - Rose Masterpol

Sunset Stripe
Rose Masterpol

An Urban Sunset,
Iridescent Dragonflies
Above Curb-side Pools

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Cloudy and Colder
The Day Settles in Like a
Bad Weather Forecast

No Fog to Soften
Tattered Winter Edges or
Curbside Frozen Trash

But Night Falls, Clouds Clear,
Full Moon Lights the Lake. A Passing
Fox Pauses to Watch

The Fauna

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Like Us and, Yet, Not.
Distant, Ambiguous Shamans
Tell Us Our Stories

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Under your blue gaze,
All our words, all our language
Begins a slow fade