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Sacred Light Rises
From the Floral Alter of
The Bee’s Cathedral

Three Purple Hosta Flowers

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Who Left This One Rose
And Why, It’s a Story Few
Can Tell but All Know

A Single Cut Rose, Upright in a Stump

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Every New Blossom,
Full of Hope and Joy, Recalls
Blooms That Came Before
flower bud

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Sunrise. This Spring’s First.
The Depth of Light Calls Forth Buds,
And Bird Song, and Hope

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Home From the City
To You, Through Corridors of
Bright and Wild Flowers

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Late May, Sleeping In
To the Dappled Sound of Rain
And Flowers Growing

The Flora

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Figuring Things Out
Patiently as the Land and
Just as Mysterious

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Poppies Bloom Again
Roots Pushed Down Through Earth and Time
Lift Up Memories

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A Rose is Blooming
In My Mother’s Garden of
Beloved Children

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Blessed by Holy Light
Each Anniversary An
Eternal New Bloom