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Sweet Potato Vine,
Dark Red Like Blood, Glistening,
This Wet, Grey Fall Day

Red Leaf

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Every New Blossom,
Full of Hope and Joy, Recalls
Blooms That Came Before
flower bud

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Dancing in the Wind
A Frond of Grass, Liquid In
The Sun, Turned To Me

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Sunlight Filters Through
Tall Grass Fronds Like Soft Fingers
Through A Lover’s Hair


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Ready for Harvest
A Field of Corn, A Silo
Dancers, Poised and Paired

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Even on the Shore
The Fishing Boat Still Recalls
The Storm Tossed Waters


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Another Dawn












A Year of Sunlight
On August Fields, Aged Like Wine
Ripe, Luscious, and Full

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Another Dawn
The Valleys Slumber
While Hilltops Rise Above
To Greet the Morning

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So Cold It’s Almost
Frozen, But the River Leaps to
Celebrate Motion

Remembering Kent State

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Now Fifty Years On
We Still Argue in Guns and
Violence and Hatred

Will We Never Learn
To Answer With Something More,
Different, Beautiful?

Trade Violence For Calm, EBA44E1D-6C98-44AA-B668-022BCC530B2C
Hear Hatred With Love, Guns with
More than Blood and Breath

A New Kind of World,
Not One Gone All Blind In a
Furious Eye for Eye

Salvation Is Ours,
Found Only With Gentle Hands
Open Hearts, and Time