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One Granite Boulder
A Memory of Mountains
Out on the Prairie

Boulder in Prairie

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The Mountain Meadow
A Green, Spring Joy Beneath Slopes
In Blue White Repose

Mountain Meadow

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Between Mountain Tops
A Broad Green Valley Stretches
Beneath Bluest Skies

We Will Cross Those Fields
Step by Step Packing Water,
Food, and History

After all is seen
Wilderness Remains Beyond
The Grasp of Visions

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From Glacier, Water
Runs East, West and North. We Head
South to Yellowstone

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Crossing the High Plains
I was Unprepared for the
Religious Training

Cleansed in Molten Shades
Of Summer Green, Sienna
Grass and Golden Wheat

I Was Ready
When the Mountains First Appeared
For Genuflexion

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The Dust on My Boots
Is Grey and Powdery, As
If Rock Turned to Ash

All That Heat and Noise,
Thrown Out Across a Valley
Now Cooled and Stilled

Three Weeks On and Still
Those Boots Show a Memory
Of Mt. St. Helens