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Even as Winter
Blurs My Summer Memories
The Sun Still Shines

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The Mountain’s Secrets
Only Partly Revealed By
Time, Love and Patience

Glacier on a mountain wrapped in clouds

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Early Spring After
The Snow Melts, Knife Sharp Sunlight,
Wind Blown, Bare Limbed Trees

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Desultory March Snow
Winter Breathing Slowly and
Contemplating Spring

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Stone Wall Etched in Light,
Snow and Shadow Psalms Stillness
Across the Hill’s Crest

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Beneath the Bare Trees
Sunlight Flows with Long Shadows
Across Melting Snow

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Clear Blue Sunlit Day
Cold, Crisp. Floating by, a Few
Fat, Fluffy Snowflakes

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Almost Suspended,
Time Lingers Above the Fields
Covered In New Snow

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Through Storms End, Deep Snow,
To A Warm Spring That Runs Clear
All Through the Winter

A Quacking, Flapping
Urgency of Ducks rises, flees.
The Red-Tailed Hawk Stays

He Makes Eye Contact
A Glance Over His Shoulder
And Tail Feathers Shake

He Raises His Wings
As If Stretching and Rises,
Floating Into Air

Effortless, He Glides
By, Holding My Eye, Watching
Silent, Moving, Still

One Circle, Then Two
I am appraised. He is not
Afraid or Impressed

So He Turns His Head
And Slides Away, Mystery
Above the Deep Snow

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Deep Snow, Breaking Trail,
Snowshoes and Poles Creak Like The
Calls of Sandhill Cranes