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They had Simple Names,
Katie, Maggie. Their Lives Light
The Generations

Maggie Kaufman Shetler 1876-1932
Katie Cook 1935-2023

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Grief Unpacked Its Bags,
A Sudden and Unwanted Guest
With No Plans to Leave

Loss on Every Shelf
Sorrow in Every Drawer
Pain Beneath the Bed

We Could Not Quite Breathe
Wondering if That Moment
Might Not Ever End

But Time Does Still Pass
And Grief Turned Towards Us With
All Its Open Heart

And We Also Found
Among the Sorrow and Loss
A Shining Honor

The Consolations
Of Shared Memories, the Breath
Of Persistent Love

So It Turns Out That
This Life is not Perfect and
Grief is not a Guest

But Our Souls do Rise
To Every Occasion and
Our Hearts Will Reach Out

And We Will Carry
Honor, Memory, and Love
As We Find Our Way

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Look at the Moon and
Stars As If they Mean Something
And Perhaps They Do

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It’s the Kind of Day
To Pray For Small Changes, to
Not be Moved Too Much

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Flung Forward By Time,
Willed Life Shattering Into
A Kind of Foundling

It Seems Impossible.
This is Real And That Is Not,
Then Followed By Now

Before and After,
Always Together, Always
Apart, And That Line.

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Frequently Surprised,
Still, By Joy, By Sadness or just
By Circumstances

In Memoriam, Joe DiJulio

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He Has Gone Ahead
But You Must Tarry Here for
Some Little Longer

Between Now and Then
On That Long Bridge Between Loss
And Recovery

A Heavy Heart is
Still a Sacred Vessel Filled
With Enduring Love

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A Morning Fog Floats,
Quiet as a Silent Prayer,
Into the Tree Tops

A Fog That Softens
All Sight and Sound and Maybe
All We Think We Know

Snowflakes Drifting Down,
Gently as Forgiveness, to
Shroud Every Sharp Edge.

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Snow Falls Like Dreaming
Talking to Myself, Believing
Not a Single Word

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Summer’s Labors End
And The Lord puts Aside His
Godly World Making

The Divine They Sees
That it Is Very Good And
Sighs a Divine Breeze

And Sings Her Delight
In Blue Skies and Bright Leaves,
Cool Nights and Warm Days