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Episode M1.4 – Light

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Meditations in Haiku on Light

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Molten Sunlight Pours
Down Canyon Walls and Flows Out
Across Dry Stream Beds

Molten Sunlight Caught
In Utah Alabaster
And Prairie Flower

Molten Sunlight Cooled
By Sapphire Skies, By Time, and
Laid in Sheared Rock Walls

Capitol Reef Cliff Face Slushed in Oranges

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Layer on Layer
Laid Down Over Time Beyond
Our Clocks and Measures

Worn Away By Wind
And Water, Canyons Painted
Orange and Grey and Green

Steeped in Light and Dark
Time and Distance Are Dissolved
To an Ancient Calm

Bryce Canyon Flooded in Sunlight

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Sacred Light Rises
From the Floral Alter of
The Bee’s Cathedral

Three Purple Hosta Flowers

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The New Leaves of Spring
Green, Yes, But More, Casting Light
Into Sapphire Skies

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Luminous Blue Skies
White Pelicans Floating On
Outstretched, Ink Dipped Wings

For my beloved cousin, Kathy

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A Light of Kindness
Flickers Into Darkness And
I Can’t Catch My Breath

This Light Not Tended
But Not Forgotten, A Piece
Of My Foundations

Breathe I Tell Myself
Breathe. How Can This Hole Exist?
How Do I Go On?

Breathe I Tell Myself
And All at Once, I Recall
All The Bright Moments

And I Know This Light
Of Kindness Will Burn On, A Bright
And Eternal Flame

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Stone Wall Etched in Light,
Snow and Shadow Psalms Stillness
Across the Hill’s Crest

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Late February
The Way The Sunlight Falls Holds
More Than Frozen Ground

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For Just a Moment
The Whole World is Drawn In Soft
Sunrise Amber Tones