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An Almost Blank Slate,
Gray Sky, Over Snowy Fields,
Sunlight on Far Hills

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A Maxfield Parrish
Sunrise Painted in Distance,
Desire, and Longing

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It’s Not Quite Foggy
The Far Lake Shore Softened Like
Memories With Time

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Today Ragged Clouds
Rushed by Like Time Passing or
Distances Traveled.

In Their Flat Grey Light
I Felt Memories Stir and
Tumble, but Slower

And Tonight I Cooked
A Dish We Shared When There Was
No Time or Distance

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Weathered by Years, Grey
Barn Leans on a Horizon
Of Ripening Wheat

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Crossing the High Plains
I was Unprepared for the
Religious Training

Cleansed in Molten Shades
Of Summer Green, Sienna
Grass and Golden Wheat

I Was Ready
When the Mountains First Appeared
For Genuflexion

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Evening Clouds Feathered
Across the Sky in Lumened Grey,
Lightest Rose, and Cream

Great Uncle Harry’s History

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Watching Farms and Fields,
Forests and Sky Passing By
Whispering Meaning

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Watching the Tide Turn.
Estuaries Drain, Then Fill.
I Feel the Moon’s Tug.

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Take off. Then Snapshots
Of Home Through the Clouds, The Present
Receding to Past