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Long Curve, Snowy Road
Motorcycle Daydreaming
Leaning in My Car

Posted in Haiku'd Photographs, Motorcycle, Roads with tags on June 6, 2010 by blglick

My iron heart beats
To the road’s white line rhythm
Even sitting still.

Posted in Motorcycle, Wind with tags on April 21, 2010 by blglick

Hurricane maker
Has me leaning on the wind
Holding on happy

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Winter’s first snow fall
The first motorcycle ride,
Delight, every year

Posted in Autumn, Motorcycle, Trees with tags , on November 5, 2009 by blglick

Fallen leaves rising,
Red, orange, yellow, like flames
From beneath my wheels

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Got white line rhythm
With motorcycle dancing
Beneath floating hawks

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Motorcycle sunrise
Along the white line river
Deep in the Driftless