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Breathing Solitude
A Lone Tree Stands Quiet Watch
As Time Passes By

Mountain Meadow

From “A Forest Symphony” a collaboration of music, photography, and haiku with Joe Rosenfield and Michele Gast

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Birches Silvering
Their Leaves in a Morning Breeze
With a Robin’s Song

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Well Before Sunrise
Two Great Horned Owls Start the Day
In Call and Response

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Snow Filled Furrows and
Bare Tree Limbs Debating Spring
With the Singing Birds

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To Three Cats, Three plates
Chime Supper On the Tile Floor
And They Come Running

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Rough Cutting Art Mats
The Knife’s Rasping Call Scores My
Heart Like Monks Chanting

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Ladder in the Hall,
Secular Hymns, Thoughts Climbing
Beyond the Attic

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At last the maples
Join the chorus of colors
On a blue sky stage

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I hear the voices
On a summer’s evening
Of those who’ve left us

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An Autumn Evening
The breeze whispers lullabies
Through the changing leaves