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Beneath the Blue Sky
Cattails in Winter Coats Stand
Tall Above the Marsh

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Once, a Fox Would Come
Each Winter Day to Watch
The Frozen Sun Rise

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In the Morning Sun
Drifts Marking Last Night’s Winds Like
Footprints in the Snow

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Clear Skies, Colder Temps
Shadows on New Fallen Snow
Edged Sharp as a Blade

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Grey, Blue-Grey, White
Clouds, Snow, But at the Tree Line
Warm Tawny Sunlight

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Be Still a Moment
And Listen to Geese Sing of
Journey and Return

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Even as Winter
Blurs My Summer Memories
The Sun Still Shines

Episode R1.2 – Birds

Posted in Autumn, Birds, Podcast, Reflections, Spring, Summer, winter on June 7, 2022 by blglick
Reflections on the Bird Haiku

Episode M1.2 – Birds

Posted in Autumn, Birds, Meditation, Podcast, Spring, Summer, winter on May 17, 2022 by blglick
A Haiku Meditation on Birds

Episode R1.1 – Winter Into Spring

Posted in Podcast, Reflections, Spring, winter with tags on April 26, 2022 by blglick
Reflections on the Change of Seasons from Winter to Spring