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All the Rippling Green
Of Tree Tops. A Summer’s Breeze
Flows Through the Landscape

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Across the Cooling
Marsh, Grassy Plumes Silvering
In the Sun Lit Breeze

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Once, Upon Waking,
Dreams of Poetry And Owls
Lingered in Your Eyes

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Wind and Fog Rush By
Urgent, Unspecified through
Soft Filtered Sunlight

Posted in Clouds, LIght, Night, Rain, Wind with tags on October 5, 2016 by blglick

Before the Storm Comes,
The Pre-dawn Air, All Texture,
Flow, And Hints of Hue

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The Hour Before Dawn,
Cool Breezes Announce Fall in
Leaves I Cannot See

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And Just When You Thought
Nothing Would Ever Change A
Mid-August Morning
An August Morning
Of Cooling Breezes, High Clouds,
Hints of Rolling Time.
Rolling Time and Distance,
Of Journey and Return, Of
Effort and of Rest

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This Quiet Morning
I Hear the Earth Breathing in
The Sighs of Dried Leaves

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Wind Battered Clouds Rush
Across Moonless Night Blued Skies
Stars Rest, Undisturbed

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Of This Golden Day
I’ll Recall the Painted Leaves
The Silk Breeze and You