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Another Dawn
The Valleys Slumber
While Hilltops Rise Above
To Greet the Morning

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Colors in the Sky,
Blues, Corals, Seen Only When
Chilled Earth Whispers Fog

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A Rising Sun Shines
Through the Mist Like a Full Moon
This Cool Fall Morning

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Wind and Fog Rush By
Urgent, Unspecified through
Soft Filtered Sunlight

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Morning Mist Rushing
Beneath Street Lamps Urgent and
Yet Ambiguous

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At this time of Year,
Latest August, Just Before
Dawn, The Mist Rises

You Can Almost See
Color Above the Marshes,
In the Trees, The Sky

You Can Almost See,
As the Earth Cools, The Colors
Of our Rising Dreams

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Molten Sunrise Clouds
Flowing Inexorably
North Above the Mist

Street Signs Shining
Like Beacons for Navigating
Ambiguous Shores

Calling Out to Us
To Journey, To Set Out, Not
Knowing Where we Go

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It’s Not Quite Foggy
The Far Lake Shore Softened Like
Memories With Time

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Boston and All That
History, Mine and Others,
Condenses to Fog

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One Summer Morning
Fog at the Tree Line, The Earth
Breathing, Thinking, “Fall”