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Once, a Fox Would Come
Each Winter Day to Watch
The Frozen Sun Rise

For Becky and Olivia

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Mist Rising Above
Harvested Fields Paints in the
Colors of Sunrise

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Even Though She’s Gone
She Still Kindles Light and Warmth
Like a Rising Sun
Carpe Diem (For Doris)

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For Just a Moment
The Whole World is Drawn In Soft
Sunrise Amber Tones

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An Autumn Sunrise
Draws Precise Rooftop Shadows
With a Bright White Frost

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Another Dawn
The Valleys Slumber
While Hilltops Rise Above
To Greet the Morning

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After the Harvest
Trees and Sunrise Stripe Bare Fields
Like Bengal Tigers

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Sunrise, Like Footlights
Before the Curtain Rises,
On the Forest’s Edge

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Tipping Towards That
Longest Night, Even the Air
Seems White and Frosted

But Still, Sunset Lights
The Clouds In the Soft Colors
Of Longer Journeys

And This Sunrise Drapes
The Landscape in a Warm Light
Gentle as Fine Lace

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Fall Dawn Draws the Sky
And Fields in Tones of Rising