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The Great Plains Hold On
To the Sacred, Even as
Our Memories Blur

Abandoned Church on the High Plains

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Everlasting, But
Time will Take Our Meaning and
Make It Something Else

Rusted Cross in Recycle shop

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Walking Long Blocks with
All The Years Written in Tall
Trees and Small Houses

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Urban Interstate
Sunrise, All Power Poles, and
Concrete and Motion

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At the City’s Edge
Sunrise Paints Roofs and Fields With
The Color of Dreams

Human Traces

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Designed, Constructed
Ambition Made Physical
Each Passion Rendered

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Telephone Wires Drawn
In Orange Above Sunrise
Polished, Empty Streets

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A Frozen Sunrise
Whispers Springtime in Pastel
Light on Roofs and Sky

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Weathered by Years, Grey
Barn Leans on a Horizon
Of Ripening Wheat

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The Short Order Cook,
On Break, Sits by a Window,
Stares, Rubbing His Jaw

Morning Sunlight Falls
In A Single Bright Shaft and
His Stained Chef’s Whites Glow

A Small Sacrament
As If This Light Had Escaped
From Some Cathedral