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Tipping Towards That
Longest Night, Even the Air
Seems White and Frosted

But Still, Sunset Lights
The Clouds In the Soft Colors
Of Longer Journeys

And This Sunrise Drapes
The Landscape in a Warm Light
Gentle as Fine Lace

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Just After Sunset
The Eastern Night Blue Sky Lit
By an Ivory Moon

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Sunrise Like Sunset
Caught in a Mirror, Between
Clear Days, Clearer Nights

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Just Harvested Fields
Stretch Satisfied, Radiant
With a Sunset Blush

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Sunset Stripe - Rose Masterpol

Sunset Stripe
Rose Masterpol

An Urban Sunset,
Iridescent Dragonflies
Above Curb-side Pools

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Crickets Calling to
A Time Warped Dust Bowl Sunset.
Still Summer Winds Down

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Evening Clouds Feathered
Across the Sky in Lumened Grey,
Lightest Rose, and Cream

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Perpetual Sunset
Flying West Through Peach, Cream and
Every Shade of Blue