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Across the Cooling
Marsh, Grassy Plumes Silvering
In the Sun Lit Breeze

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A Rising Sun Shines
Through the Mist Like a Full Moon
This Cool Fall Morning

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Orange Sun Rising
Through a Floating Summer Haze
High Clouds Whisper Fall

Something Beginning
Or Ending Or Maybe Both
But Always Longing

And Only Blues on
The Radio, or That’s Just
All I Care to Hear

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Sun Silvered Blacktop
Cleaves High Corn Below Blue Haze
At Summer’s Far End

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Winter Sun Seen Through
An Eagle’s Spread Tail Feathers
Snow Carried Aloft

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January Thaw
Fog Mutes Calling Birds, Pale Sun
I’m Left Wanting More

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Among the Redwoods
The Sunshine Dapples Across
Time’s Melting Boundaries