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For Becky and Olivia

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Making the Future
Happen.  A New Mother and
A New Life. God’s Grace

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Even Though She’s Gone
She Still Kindles Light and Warmth
Like a Rising Sun
Carpe Diem (For Doris)

Episode R1.0 – Reflections on Haiku about Home

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Reflections on Haiku About Home

For my beloved cousin, Kathy

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A Light of Kindness
Flickers Into Darkness And
I Can’t Catch My Breath

This Light Not Tended
But Not Forgotten, A Piece
Of My Foundations

Breathe I Tell Myself
Breathe. How Can This Hole Exist?
How Do I Go On?

Breathe I Tell Myself
And All at Once, I Recall
All The Bright Moments

And I Know This Light
Of Kindness Will Burn On, A Bright
And Eternal Flame

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Dough From My Own Hands
Fresh Baked, Sliced and Buttered Tastes
of Generations

First My Mother’s Bread
Baked Each Friday, Fragrance Fills
The House After School

And My Father’s Rolls,
Cinnamon and Butter and
Dough, Fried and Frosted

And, Like a Story,
Grandma’s Cookies, Soft, Sweet and
Rationed, Sneak Cookies

So My Bread Tastes of
Generations, Leavened With
Love and Memory

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All That History,
Love and Loss, in Daily Bread
And Sunday Dinners

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Five A.M. Baking,
Bread and Rolls, Like my Father
When I Was a Boy

The House is Asleep,
Now as Then, The Dreams Scented
With Warm Cinnamon

The Kitchen is Ruled
By Wooden Spoons and Wire Wisks
And Long Memory

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At the End of That
Long, Softly Lit Hallway, A
Tall Westward Window

Dawn, Painted Across
The Skies and Trees and Fields
In Blues and Coral

Our Worlds, Separate
Yet Together, Start Again
And I Breathe Deeply

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A Rose is Blooming
In My Mother’s Garden of
Beloved Children

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Brighter and Brighter
As Time Burns Away
The Dross of Memory, You Shine
Brighter and Brighter