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Corgis Devotion
Plus Friend that Love You Equals
One Happy Birthday

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We talked of Losing
And of Keeping, Endurance
And No Conclusions

Talked of Your Freckles,
Of Food, And Other Delights
Real or Just Desired

It Had Been Awhile
But Still We Talked Easily
Across All The Gaps

Chasing Comets with Davi

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Two Years of Driving
This Road In My Mind With You
Tonight Actually There

Shocking Accident,
My Presence Now, And Yours Then,
At The Tree’s Scarred Base

We Both Have Gone On
But Only I Can Return
And Wonder Why…

Davi Dohm 1975-2011

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Let Others Count in
Years. I Prefer Bouquets of
Ageless Memories.

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I hear the voices
On a summer’s evening
Of those who’ve left us

Davi Dohm 1975-2011

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A Death in Springtime
Un-summoned and Whispering
Too Soon… Too soon…

Chasing Comets with Davi – 2013

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College Ball, Home Game
Celebrate Who We Are and
Who We Might Become

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We came as strangers
To your beach house, but you took
Us in as old friends.

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Noisy restaurant
Losing the conversation
Good friends, it’s still good

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Oh, sweet luxury!
Fifty years shimmering with
The best kinds of friends.