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The Sound of the Wind
Tumbling Though the Tree Tops
And The Day’s Last Light

The Rising Chorus
Of Crickets From Just Beyond
The Reach of Porch Lights

The Feathered Whisper
Overhead as Silent Geese
Head Home Through The Dark

The Earth is Breathing
In and Out as We Count Days
And Years, Bits and Bytes

The Earth is Breathing
In and Out, Inviting Us
Along, In and Out

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The Best History
Is Never Written in the
Cries of Small Children

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In The Evening
The Cooling Spring Air Carries
Scents Of Earth And Ice

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Moon and moon-lit clouds
Full and full of mystery
Like any plain truth

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Oh Who dat? Who Dat
Say dey gonna beat dem Saints?
Amen and Amen

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Doing the best I
Can, to do better today
Than yesterday. Sheesh.