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An Autumn Morning
Sky Suggests Travel, But Cats
Wind Around My Legs

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It is a Kind of
Late Summer Privilege, to Sit
With Sleepy Eyed Cats

The Fauna

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Like Us and, Yet, Not.
Distant, Ambiguous Shamans
Tell Us Our Stories

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I Have a Valet.
He Attends Me Each Morning
He’s a Big Red Cat.

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To Three Cats, Three plates
Chime Supper On the Tile Floor
And They Come Running

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Earlie Cat Asleep
On my legs as I’m reading,
A New Year’s blessing.

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This Loss Drenched Summer
Still Holds Flickering Hope, If
We Choose to Notice

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Earlie Cat Hurries In
Warm Laundry Piled on the Bed
Kitty Nirvana

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Cat hesitates at
An open winter door, snow
Melts on whipping tail

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Three cats on one bed,
A warm patch of pale sunshine
Dreams of winter naps