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Grass and Trees and Trails
Spreading Out Like Love Under
All the Evening Sky

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Seduced by the Light
Late on a Late Autumn Day
I am Lost, Then Found

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Salad Dreams of Summer
Rising Scent of Red
Tomato, Fresh Sliced, Carries
All My Summer Dreams

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Brighter than Angels

Just Before the Leaves
Birch Limbs, Brighter than Angels,
Etched on Bluest Sky

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Brighter and Brighter
As Time Burns Away
The Dross of Memory, You Shine
Brighter and Brighter

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Rough Cutting Art Mats
The Knife’s Rasping Call Scores My
Heart Like Monks Chanting

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Let Others Count in
Years. I Prefer Bouquets of
Ageless Memories.

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Earlie Cat Asleep
On my legs as I’m reading,
A New Year’s blessing.

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A Buffalo’s Gaze,
Warming the Morning River
As Autumn Comes On

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Along the Sidewalk
Waiting, No Expectations,
The Wisdom of Trees