Essense of July
Essence of July
Bumblebees, butterflies, and
Long garden suppers

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  1. Thou shalt not break form
    it’s five and seven and five
    I am a purist

  2. There, the syllable count is fixed. Can’t vouch for some of the deeper elements of the form like seasonally correct animals, but at least the shocking diversion is eliminated.

  3. Many thanks to you
    Universe is now aligned
    My mind is at peaceĀ 

  4. I’m going to be a pedant here (or perhaps an anti-pedant?). I quote here from the forward to The Haiku Anthology (van den Heuvel, ed.; W.W. Norton & Co., 1999):

    “[M]ost haiku in English are not written in 5-7-5 syllables at all — many are not even written in three lines. … What distinguishes a haiku is concision, perception ad awareness — not a set number of syllables. … A haiku can be anywhere from a few to 17 syllables, rarely more. It is now known that about 12 — not 17 — syllables in English are equivalent in length to the 17 onji (sound syllables) of the Japanese haiku.”

    And concise they certainly seem to be. Keep up the sweet work, Byron.

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