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Winter’s Evening Skies
Muted Violet Grey, Soft Creams
Draped on Wind Swept Fields

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Hillside Looking South
Just Beyond the Glaciers Reach
Light and Warmth and Home

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Just Harvested Fields
Stretch Satisfied, Radiant
With a Sunset Blush

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Sunrise on the Frost
Ignores Modern Cynics to
Paint the Fields Golden

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Along Rural Roads
Sweet Corn in Farm Stands Sings the
Songs of Late Summer

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Home From the City
To You, Through Corridors of
Bright and Wild Flowers

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Sunshine Breaking Through
At Day’s End Casts Flannel Light
On Umber Fields

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Weathered by Years, Grey
Barn Leans on a Horizon
Of Ripening Wheat

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Crossing the High Plains
I was Unprepared for the
Religious Training

Cleansed in Molten Shades
Of Summer Green, Sienna
Grass and Golden Wheat

I Was Ready
When the Mountains First Appeared
For Genuflexion

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Sun Silvered Blacktop
Cleaves High Corn Below Blue Haze
At Summer’s Far End