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Purple House Finch Sings
to Slowly Falling Snow Flakes
On This Spring Morning

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Departing Storm Clouds,
Gray Beneath Rising Sun, Blue
Sky, Two Courting Hawks

For Michele, On Her Birthday

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About Now, Each Year,
Snow Packs Down to Greyest Ice
It Says “Late Winter”

But I am Thinking
Early Spring, Listening for
The Crane’s First Calling

Seeking the First Buds
On Bare Tree Limbs, and All the
Day’s Green Potential

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Owl Observes Slow
Sunrise Drama Grey to Pink
To Cream then Orange

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Well Before Sunrise
Two Great Horned Owls Start the Day
In Call and Response

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The Day Opens Up
Like Sunrise Beneath the Wings
Of a Sandhill Crane

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Morning Mist, No Breeze,
The Sound of a Leaf Falling,
Cries of Unseen Geese

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Let Us Go, Then, You
And I, To The Prairie of
Tall Grass Taller Trees

Let Us Go Out to
Blue Sky, Floating Hawks, And All
The Swooping Swallows

Yes, Let Us Go To
Lingering Summer Sunsets And
All The Stars Beyond.

The Fauna

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Like Us and, Yet, Not.
Distant, Ambiguous Shamans
Tell Us Our Stories

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Snow Filled Furrows and
Bare Tree Limbs Debating Spring
With the Singing Birds