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All That History,
Love and Loss, in Daily Bread
And Sunday Dinners

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Smokey Coral Clouds
Laddered Across Turquoise Skies
At Memory’s Edge

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Flung Forward By Time,
Willed Life Shattering Into
A Kind of Foundling

It Seems Impossible.
This is Real And That Is Not,
Then Followed By Now

Before and After,
Always Together, Always
Apart, And That Line.

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Grey Hairs, Aches, Pains, And
Memories We’ll Never Share
Love’s Price Gladly Paid

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Today Ragged Clouds
Rushed by Like Time Passing or
Distances Traveled.

In Their Flat Grey Light
I Felt Memories Stir and
Tumble, but Slower

And Tonight I Cooked
A Dish We Shared When There Was
No Time or Distance

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Five A.M. Baking,
Bread and Rolls, Like my Father
When I Was a Boy

The House is Asleep,
Now as Then, The Dreams Scented
With Warm Cinnamon

The Kitchen is Ruled
By Wooden Spoons and Wire Wisks
And Long Memory

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Quarter Moon Rising,
But Still Caught in Grief’s Rip Tides,
With No Shore in Sight

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Boston and All That
History, Mine and Others,
Condenses to Fog

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This Monday Morning
My Car, Your Sandy Footprint
And I am Content

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Twenty Five Years and
Two O’clock have Come and Gone
Like Dreams on Waking

Sifting Through the Mind
Slowly, All Effervescent
And Insubstantial

Saved by the Sure Weight
Of Memory, Casting Its Light
Into the Future