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For Becky and Justin

First Snow, A First Kiss
From Sky to Earth, A Promise
And a Sweet Story

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Clouds Laid Like Brush Strokes
Across the Sky, As Gentle
As Evening Rising

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Between Mountain Tops
A Broad Green Valley Stretches
Beneath Bluest Skies

We Will Cross Those Fields
Step by Step Packing Water,
Food, and History

After all is seen
Wilderness Remains Beyond
The Grasp of Visions

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Out West, The Sky’s Edge
Recedes, Horizons Stretch and
This World is Enough

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Beyond the Cloud Banks
Gold Leafed Evening Skies Drench Fields
With Light and Shadow

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After Days of Rain
Sunlight and Columnar Clouds
Sprint Across Blue Sky

Posted in Clouds, Sky, Trees with tags , on April 20, 2016 by blglick

Blue Skies Fly High Clouds
Like Flags. Right In Front of Me
Smallest Buds Unfurl

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Departing Storm Clouds,
Gray Beneath Rising Sun, Blue
Sky, Two Courting Hawks

Posted in Clouds, Sky, Sunrise with tags on March 1, 2016 by blglick

Scattered Clouds Drifting
Coral And Turquoise Sunrise
Some Kind of Future

Posted in Birds, Sky, Sunrise with tags , on February 20, 2016 by blglick

Owl Observes Slow
Sunrise Drama Grey to Pink
To Cream then Orange